Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Picking Up At Airport

It's been I while since I blogged... kind of been busy.  Someone suggested that occassionaly I add some non-legal stuff.  Hence this post.  Driving from Citrus County to Tampa International Airport to pick someone up, and on the way find that the flight is delayed.  Being roughly 1.5 hours from airport, its a turnaround trip, and if you hit it right, you really don't have to park.  Parking at TIA is not really bad, however, today I discovered something really cool... Cell Phone Waiting Lot.  It's on the airport property, where folks like me sit in their cars waiting for their loved ones to arrive.  Very secure lot (just saw Tampa Police Officer cruising the lot).  There are a couple of scoreboard size flight boards listing all the incoming flights and their status.  You can see when the flight lands as well.  Best part of it, I'd say is that there is free wireless service... while sitting in your car listening to your chosen tunes.  Tampa International Airport (TPA) did this right.

I hope to blog more often now, so if you have any questions, send them to me or go through my firm website at www.keithtaylorlaw.com .  Happy Flying.