Thursday, March 22, 2012

Supporting Local Small Businesses

The Law Office of Keith R. Taylor, like many of the businesses operating in and around Citrus County, is a small local business. We also have the privilege of working with other local small business owners in our community, helping them set up their corporations or manage their businesses' legal issues.

We encourage you to look to local small businesses for your products and services, rather than using large chain stores and mass market companies. The benefits of shopping locally are tremendous: It helps keep money here in our community, building a stronger and better place to live and raise a family; It provides more jobs for our neighbors, as small businesses employ half of all private sector employees and generated 65% of new jobs in the last 15 years. (Source: U.S. Small Business Administration); It allows small business owners to reinvest in this community; and it is convenient and earth-friendly, saving the time and resources of traveling outside our county for the same goods and services.

When we face tough economic times, it benefits us all to spend our hard-earned money where it will do the most good for our community. By shopping with our own neighbors, we can help build a stronger future for Citrus County and its residents.